Ariana Grande’s ‘eternal sunshine’ sheds light on relationships – Youth Journalism International

LONDON – Ariana Grande’s latest album eternal sunshine is a defiant response to critics of her relationships and a personal portrayal of her own insecurities. The album, released March 8, takes its name from director Michel Gondry’s 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and features 13 songs that blend pop, R&B, dance, and rap … Read more

Authorized Fraud Scams Damage Bank-Customer Relationships

Despite ongoing efforts to educate consumers on protecting themselves against financial crime, increasing authorized fraud and scam instances are nightmares for banks and their customers. Authorized fraud, which targets customers or bank employees, is particularly troubling. PYMNTS Intelligence finds that 43% of the fraudulent transactions that financial institutions (FIs) report are authorized fraud. Product and … Read more

Testy trustees: Permanent Board directors show signs of strained relationships over Rubenstein revelations – Must Read Alaska

Wednesday’s Alaska Permanent Fund Board of Trustees meeting to discuss leaks of emails to the Alaska Landmine website devolved into chippy, barely concealed hostilities between two apparent factions: There are those trustees who seem upset with board behavior that has embarrassed the fund, and those upset with word about board behavior getting out to the … Read more

Nick Saban on Retirement ‘Relationships With Players’ What he Misses Most

Former Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban was in Birmingham on Wednesday taking part in the annual Regions Tradition Pro-Am. The seven-time national champion has been enjoying retirement, playing golf across the country, appearing on ESPN for the NFL Draft and spending time with his family. Saban coached across college and professional football … Read more

21 “Last Straws” That Completely Ended A Relationship

“At that moment, I lost all the respect I had for him as a person, and it was the last time I spoke to him.” “I’ve never felt such rage. I largely ignored her and silently finished my tasks. We had an hour-long drive home, and the whole way, she complained that she had better … Read more

A Psychologist Explains How Pheromones Do The Talking In Relationships

Here’s how pheromones—silent architects of relationships—concoct the aroma of attraction for … [+] distinct bonds. Pheromones are elusive yet potent biochemical signals that play a crucial role in guiding social interactions among members of the same species. Derived from the Greek words “pherein” (to carry) and “hormon” (to excite), these chemical messengers influence various behaviors … Read more